Sunday, February 15, 2009

Upon Further Review...

End of the line on what was, in retrospect, a very gratifying week on the East Coast pursuit of the FLCW life.

1. Sunday: I prospected and prepared my pitch e-mail for 50 designers in Atlanta. I normally do 100, and lamented my slacking ways to Caitlin. She reminded me that 50 is pretty good, and I could do more over the course of the week. Oh yeah. Okay!

I wouldn't have time to.

2. Sunday: my partner in L.A. delivered my new logo! In exchange for my logo, I'm rewriting all copy for her website. Networking is good: quid-pro-quo is even better. Partner would like my final drafts Friday. No problem!

3. Monday: a client - director of web services at a community college in MI - e-mails a request for three treatments of three rotating ads for the school's website. He has one ad ready for me, and would like the draft Wednesday morning. Okay!

4. Tuesday: work on ads and website continues. I submit first draft of the college ads. No reply, which means that my first drafts have been accepted. No news - and no reply - is good news with this client, as I've found out.

5. Wednesday: a few celebratory margaritas, and back to work on the website. Wednesday night, the migraine hits. I would be in bed, and out from the day job, until Saturday afternoon.

6. Thursday: I battle through and finish my first draft for the website. Not quite. Partner wants the copy to be as juicy as her design. I start thinking of a strip steak that's rested for five minutes and return to the battle. Unfortunately, migraine is now competing with writers block. Gulp.

7. Friday: I keep battling through and juice up the second draft. Partner loves it! Finished!

8. Sunday: Today I'll write and post my weekly blurbs for my client. I may do a bit of prospecting today. Knowing that oh-by-the-way I don't have to do it all in one day.

So out of a week that started with me thinking I didn't get much done, a lot came out. I love weeks like this: weeks full of the pursuit of the word, the pursuit of a satisfied client, the pursuit of more of all of the above. Very gratifying week, in retrospect. Can't wait for next week.

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