Friday, April 10, 2009

Brick and Mortar

No, this Freelance Copywriting is not a brick and mortar business.

But it is a business that is built up, like a wall, and it requires a foundation and a lot of work.

The bricks are a relatively strong writing skill-set. The mortar is the work we put in prospecting. And once that foundation is laid, there's no telling how and when it will pay off.

Example: I just heard from a designer that I prospected almost two years ago, and barely-if-at-all kept in touch with over that time. He's pitching his services to re-design a website for a client, and wanted to include my services in the deal. I made my pitch, and he made his. Very doubtful that this one will happen: apparently the company has new creative directors who aren't keen on making the investment.

But it's great to know that my foundation is strong and getting stronger.

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